Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 5 – Issue 19) / studies

Turkey: Economic Management of Corona Repercussions

July 2020

Egyptian economic researcher, preparing for a master’s degree in business administration, Marmara University


With the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic, countries have taken many paths with the aim of alleviating the economic recessions threatening the whole world. Hence, it is important to carefully study these procedures, in attempt to come up with lessons to be learned to avoid recurrence of what the world witnessed in the past months, as well as attempt to explore the main features of some important economic issues that have formed the main pillars of global economic activity during the past fifty years, where some of its main features may change in the post-Corona era, especially the role of the capitalist state, globalization, central banks, poverty and unemployment, related to policies of distributing income and wealth in the world.

The paper seeks to extrapolate this through the economic conditions of Turkey and the most important economic repercussions of the closure and social distancing measures on the Turkish economy, as well as the most important measures taken by the government to confront these repercussions, and to stimulate the return of economic activity to its previous levels in light of precautions to prevent the spread of the virus again.

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