Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 6- Issue 21) / studies

Trump’s Strategy and Consolidation of Israel’s Position in the Middle East

january 2021

january 2021

Researcher in the field of international relations, holds a doctorate in public law and political science


The paper proceeds from the fact that since the UN General Assembly overwhelming voted in 2012 in favor of granting Palestine non-Member Observer State status in the United Nations, Israel, along with the United States, realized that recognition of Palestine as a full-fledged State is a matter of time, especially since the number of countries that voted in favor was 138. Therefore, the course of the Palestinian cause in the future is likely to change, and the occupation authorities will face a full-fledged state. In addition, Israel desires to integrate into the Arab nation to protect its borders, especially after the Arab Spring revolutions, therefore, a number of policies are likely to be implemented to secure realization of this target, as desired by both “Israel” and America.

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