Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 2 – Issue 6) / studies

Trump’s Policies: Against the Brotherhood or Against Islam?

April 2017

Professor-Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University Chairman Egyptian Institute for Political and Strategic Studies Former Minister at Minister of Planning and International Cooperation (Egypt)


The study demonstrates that Donald Trump’s campaign for US presidency was overloaded with evident racist statements against Muslims in general, as well as the so called “Radical Islam”. Trump went too far in this trend to the extent that he pledged during his campaign to ban Muslims in general from entering the US. The study demonstrates the real reasons behind the attempt to designate the MB as FTO. It also concludes that the trends of the new administration are far beyond targeting the MB. It concluded that the current campaign is against Islam and stems from a combination of ideological factors, imperial domination ambitions and rival political trends.

The study seeks to answer a few questions: why is the Trump administration so hasty in taking many controversial measures without allowing discussion of them in the public sphere, given the strong protests that accompanied them? And why is this issue in particular placed among the priorities of the first week of the presidential agenda, which is already crowded with many important matters that Trump promised to carry out on the American domestic scene and was the main reason for his rise to power? Is this worthy of the legal disputes that will result from it, or political disputes even within the camp of the Republican Party? Is the real goal of the administration with these decisions really facing terrorism? Is this the way in which it can fight terrorism? Are moderate organizations such as the Brotherhood and others targeted besides extremist organizations such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda, or is the influential Islamic action, whatever it may be, is targeted, or are Muslims in general targeted by such stances?

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