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The Right to Appeal Criminal Provisions in Contemporary Judicial Systems, the Case of Egypt

January 2016

January 2016
الحق في استئناف الاحكام الجنائية في النظم القضائية المعاصرة، مصر نموذجا

PhD in Public International Law, Faculty of Law, Menoufia University, Master of Public Law, Faculty of Law, Cairo University, with a good grade, BA in Law, Faculty of Law, Mansoura University, May 1987, with a good grade.


The study concludes that the Egyptian Penal Code used to allow appeals against verdicts issued in felonies, but this system was abolished, which made these verdicts became final once issued, pursuant to the provisions of the Penal Code No. 150 of September 3, 1950, which derives the provisions for appeal at the Court of Appeals from French legislation, bearing in mind that the French legislator made a legislative amendment on June 15, 2000, allowing appealing against felony verdicts – for conviction judgments.

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