Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 4 – Issue 14) / studies

The ‘Chinese Rise’ to the Neo-Realists

April 2019

April 2019

An Algerian researcher residing in Turkey, his work is interested in the field of geopolitics, theories of international relations, the politics of major powers and regionalism. Among his most prominent works is the book: “The Impact of the Emergency Shifts in the Structure of the International System on the Major Trends of Turkish Foreign Policy”, in 2017.


This study provides a theoretical reading of the issue of the ‘Chinese rise’ as viewed by most theoretical approaches with respect to the international relations, i.e. the neo-classical realism, based on a scientific conviction that argues that it is impossible to explain the behavior of major international actors without the use of a guiding theory, as well as predicting the path that such behavior will take in the future.

The neo-realists assume and argue that the Chinese rise will not be a peaceful rise at all. This study focuses on the theoretical premises that made the neo-realists reach this conclusion, through discussing three interconnected questions:

– Will China’s rise be peaceful?

–  Is China a regional power or a global power?

– Will the rising China maintain the current international system or it will seek to change it as a revolutionary force?

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