Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 5 – Issue 19) / studies

The Army in Ancient Egypt, Its Role in War and Peace

July 2020

Egyptian academic, researcher and specialist in archeology Holds a doctorate in Greek and Roman archeology from Alexandria University Holds postgraduate studies in Education Department of Arabic Language from South Valley University


The foundational signs of the ancient Egyptian army appeared during the era of King Mina; that is, more than five thousand years ago, when he united the two parts of Egypt in the south and north (Upper Egypt and the Delta). However, it is certain that with the  Fifth Dynasty, features of a regular army started to appear, which became evident during the Sixth Dynasty era when King Pepi I launched a disciplinary military campaign against the Bedouin tribes on the eastern borders of Egypt. The study seeks to identify the importance of the army in ancient Egypt, and its role in peace and war, through an introduction, two chapters and a conclusion.

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