Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 7- Issue 25) / studies

Role of Energy Security in Russian-European Relations

january 2022

january 2022


The energy security has become the most complicated and intertwined issue among its economic, geographical and political factors, as one of the repercussions of the scientific-technical revolution that the world witnessed after the World War II. Energy, in terms of its sources, and its economic, productive and consumer uses, has become permeated into the smallest details of the daily lives of countries and individuals. The concept of energy security relies first on the geopolitical significance of oil and gas as the most important alternative energy sources for coal before the 1900s century, compared to the poor economic feasibility of other alternative energy sources such as nuclear energy or the wind energy…etc.; and secondly on the political economic repercussions of over-reliance on production of oil and gas energy as represented by the Dutch disease.

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