Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 6- Issue 22) / studies

Possible Roles of Technology in Major Transformations

April 2021

April 2021


This paper attempts to answer the question: What is the role of technology in the major transformations we are experiencing today? It starts from redefining and visualizing technology as a major phenomenon in our time that affects and is affected by the capitalist context in which it was produced and its ruling values; and how this influence appears in directing the development of technology towards one direction rather than another. Therefore, it is not possible to develop technology that may serve our Muslim context according to a model developed in a capitalist context that contradicts the premises of the Muslim context. If the perception of technology is tuned to fit the Muslim context, then technological latency may have important roles in the major transformations we are experiencing. The paper suggests some of these transformations and allows the reader to rationalize and add to these suggestions.

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