Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 6- Issue 21) / studies

Political Transformations in Egypt 10 Years After January Revolution

january 2021

Dr.. Essam Abdel Shafi
Professor of International Relations, Turkish University of Sakarya, he worked as a visiting professor at universities: Alexandria, Damanhur, 6th of October, Beirut Arab, Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science, Cairo University (2009).


The researcher sought to answer the following questions: What are the conceptual frameworks that govern political transformations in Egypt after the January 2011 revolution? What are the policies and practices adopted by the ruling military regime in Egypt to consolidate hegemony and authoritarianism in the face of revolutionary forces? What are the policies and practices adopted by the revolutionary forces, in order to preserve the Revolution’s values and ​in pursuit of achieving its goals? To what extent did the January Revolution succeed in achieving its goals? What are the criteria that can be relied on in the assessment process?

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