Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 7- Issue 25) / studies

Military and Security Dimensions in US-Chinese Relations

january 2022

january 2022


The study proceeds from the fact that China’s economy has reached a prominent position among major countries in terms of progress and growth, which makes it necessary for Peking to develop its military power and modernize its military arsenal, to commensurate with its global position and to protect its economic interests stretching across the world. Since China is considered the largest consumer of energy, especially oil, it must seek protection of the waterways and oil supplies that come from overseas countries from various continents and regions (Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Central Asia, North America, Arab countries). These factors prompted Beijing to focus on development of its military power in a manner commensurate with its global position. As long as China’s economic interests extend across the world, such strategic thinking is required to protect its vital, strategic supplies, most notably at this stage oil, as Peking is the second largest consumer of petroleum products across the world after the United States.

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