Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 4 – Issue 15) / studies

Militarization of Civil Ministries in Egypt: The Case of Education Ministry

July 2019

July 2019

An Egyptian researcher specializing in public policy

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The study addresses militarization of the education sector in Egypt, which began with the armed forces’ establishment of private schools and the military medical school, and the technological school; in addition to militarization of the Ministry of Education’s leading positions, supplying school student meals, and supervising the Cairo University Hostel’s kitchens by the armed forces’ national service sector. Meanwhile, the Armed Forces Engineering Authority (AFEA) has supervised construction of Japanese schools, in addition to AFEA’s building of 257 model schools with a total of 3520 educational classes in 18 governorates. Also, AFEA is now building 225 schools for the educational building authority, including 98 schools in Upper Egyptian governorates. AFEA has also constructed 100 schools with a total of 1668 classes in 17 governorates, funded by the United Arab Emirates.

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