Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 4 – Issue 14) / studies

Legitimacy of Military Intervention outside UN Security Council: The Case of Syria

April 2019

Doctor of International Law and Political Science from the Autonomous University of Madrid, Lecturer at the Master of International Cooperation and Development at Abdelmalek El Saadi University in Tangiers, researcher and member of the Journal of International Peace and Security affiliated to Abdelmalek El Saadi University and Cadiz University in Spain.


This study analyzes the statements released on Syria’s possession of chemical weapons, as well as the military foreign intervention against chemical weapons facilities for Syria through reviewing the international law, the role of the UN Security Council in disarming weapons of mass destruction, and its role in maintaining international peace and security. In this context, the study compares the Syrian case with a group of other cases that had constituted a threat to international security. The study addresses the dimensions of legitimacy of military intervention against Syria outside the UN security council, and how far this military intervention is committed to international humanitarian law.

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