Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 1 – Issue 1) / studies

Israeli Policy Toward the Islamic State

January 2016

January 2016
السياسات الإسرائيلية تجاه تنظيم الدولة الإسلامية

The Dean of the College of Arts, Head of the Political Science Department at Al Ummah University for Open Education, Gaza, specializing in Israeli affairs, has translated many studies and research from the Hebrew language into the Arabic language


The study is based on the descriptive analytical approach and attempts to answer the following questions:

– Why did the rise of the Islamic State gain exceptional importance with Israel?

– How did Israel consider the significance and seriousness of the rise of the Islamic State, and what is its impact on both sides?

– How did Israel manage to exploit the successive regional developments towards the organization in serving its strategic interests?

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