Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 1 – Issue 2) / studies

Islamic Movements and the Debate of the Religious and Political

April 2016

الحركات الاسلامية وجدلية الديني والسياسي

An Algerian researcher who developed a Ph.D., specializing in political science and international relations, University of Algiers 03 / Writer in Arab and international magazines and websites / fields of interest in the field of conflict and peace studies / security and strategic studies / foreign policy.

An Algerian researcher residing in Turkey, his work is interested in the field of geopolitics, theories of international relations, the politics of major powers and regionalism. Among his most prominent works is the book: “The Impact of the Emergency Shifts in the Structure of the International System on the Major Trends of Turkish Foreign Policy”, in 2017.


The study seeks finding out the extent of the Islamic movements ability to contribute to shaping features of the current modern State in the Arab world.

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