Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 6- Issue 21) / studies

International System between Structural Transformations and End of Arab Geography

january 2021

january 2021

An Algerian researcher residing in Turkey, his work is interested in the field of geopolitics, theories of international relations, the politics of major powers and regionalism. Among his most prominent works is the book: “The Impact of the Emergency Shifts in the Structure of the International System on the Major Trends of Turkish Foreign Policy”, in 2017.


The study discusses a number of questions related to the nature of the international transformations that the world is going through nowadays, including: Can the international liberal order that has been led by the United States since the end of World War II and then boosted after the Cold War, withstand the crises and challenges it is facing, or we are currently witnessing its end? What alternative will the world accept in the foreseeable future? Can rising powers such as China and Russia replace the United States and build and lead an alternative order, or they will seek to reintroduce it according to their own geopolitical visions and aspirations?

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