Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 6- Issue 21) / studies

International Politics and Management of Corona Crisis: Experiences and Expertise

january 2021

january 2021

A Moroccan researcher, PhD in Public International Law and Political Science; Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences Sale, Morocco; November 2015.


the paper introduces the most prominent countries that have formed role models in managing the Corona crisis, and the strategy that they adopted to achieve this pioneering experience. The paper states that the majority of countries failed to manage the Covid-19 crisis because of authoritarian or weak leaders who proven incompetent in times of crisis due to underestimation of the nature and gravity of the crisis and absence of clear visions to address it, which was reflected by wrong and random decisions that constituted a dangerous turning point in turning the crisis into a real disaster. Meanwhile, some countries succeeded in managing the crisis thanks to good governance embodied by a group of leaders that drew up an expanded strategy, and made urgent and decisive decisions, which led to containing the pandemic and its economic and social repercussions.

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