Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 6- Issue 24) / studies

Governance of Zakat in light of the Sharia purposes

October 2021


This study tackles the governance of Zakat in light of the purposes of Sharia, as the governance of Zakat has its own legitimate purposes that help the Muslim community economically, with provision of the concept of Zakat governance. The study concludes that the main objective of Zakat governance is the need to make sure that all information related to Zakat be accurate, sufficient and available in a timely manner; In order to allow various stakeholders to take appropriate decisions in order to achieve the set objectives. Zakat governance standards include: existence of an effective framework for governance, rule of law applied to all, accountability of all the state’s public and private institutions, transparency, and participation; as well as how to apply governance methods to achieve the legitimate purposes of Zakat, and finally he controls of governance to achieve the purposes of Zakat.

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