Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 5 – Issue 17) / studies

Geopolitics of the Middle East under the Deal of the Century

january 2020

january 2020

A Palestinian researcher, preparing to obtain a doctorate in political science from the Turkish University of Sakarya, obtained a master’s degree in political science on “Iranian policy towards the Islamic resistance movements in Palestine.”


The paper seeks to explore the future geopolitical effects of the American deal known as the “deal of the century” on several Middle East countries. It has become clear that the deal aims to terminate the file of the Arab-Israeli conflict related to the Palestinian issue. Given its ramifications, the Palestinian issue can only be terminated at the expense of several neighboring countries, through redrawing borders to form the expected “New Palestine” State, which will mostly be at the expense of Egypt. According to the deal, the issue of Palestinian refugees is expected to be resolved at the expense of Jordan and Lebanon.

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