Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 5 – Issue 20) / studies

Future of US-China Relations under Corona

October 2020

Palestinian academic and researcher, President of the Asia and the Middle East Forum, Turkey


The problematic in this paper revolves around identifying the reality and potential shape of the world after the Covid-19 crisis and the impact of the pandemic on strategic interests and the war between the United States and China on world leadership, formulated in the following question: Will the Chinese project be negatively or positively affected by the new situation arising from Corona, in light of the dispute with the United States? Under this main question, there is a set of sub-questions that are related to the Chinese project and the Corona crisis: What are the most important features of the Chinese project? How did China manage the Covid-19 crisis and employ it at the external level? How will US-China relations be affected by the Corona crisis and where are they heading? Will the world be biased towards or hostile to China? How could the rise of China affect our Arab and Islamic region?

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