Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 6- Issue 22) / studies

From Communication to Institutional Communication: Models and Forms

April 2021

Moroccan researcher and academic, PhD in public law and political sciences, Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences, Hassan I University, Settat, Morocco


The problematic that this paper attempts to address is: Are we talking about “Tawasol” (communication), in the sense that it refers to ‘the exchange of ideas, information and opinions between two or more parties’, or “Ittisal” (also communication) in the sense that it refers to “the connection between two or more parties”? Is it just a difference in conceptual uses between the Maghreb countries and the Mashreq countries?; Or is it more than fundamental differences that occurred to the concept during stages of its development? Finally, what is the relationship of the communication science with the systemic approach and institutional organization?

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