Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 7- Issue 27) / studies

Euro-Mediterranean scientific cooperation: Significance and projects

July 2022

Algerian researcher and academic, obtained a PhD in political science, majoring in Euro-Mediterranean studies, Hassiba Benbouali University, Chlef


The study springs from the fact that the field of knowledge production is the higher education field that is most affected by globalization. It seems that the flow of information and data is an urgent hereditary feature of knowledge economy that absorbs globalization to become a system for distribution of knowledge, through increasing alliances and partnerships during the search for acquiring specialized and modern knowledge resulting from a wide range of basic and applied research, cutting-edge partnerships and confluence of basic and applied research. The distribution of knowledge production can create a world of collaborative arrangements; it is the need to possess specialized knowledge in all fields which underlies the current growth of networks and proliferation in research and development of companies and alliances.

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