Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 3 – Issue 12) / studies

Epistemological problems in international relations

October 2018

Algerian researcher and academic, MA in International Relations, specializing in Strategy and Futures, Lecturer in Security Studies, University of Djelfa, Algeria since 2010.


The study is based on the concept that methodology of scientific research is related to three main dimensions:

– The first is the epistemological dimension,

– The second is the methodological dimension, and

– The third is the technical dimension.

While there is so much interest in the second dimension in terms of controlling what is related to the components of the scientific research, and the third dimension that is related to the use of references and how to benefit from them and document their content; yet the first dimension seems to be the least dimension with respect to the interest given in books written in the methodology of scientific research, although it affects the methodological dimension in many details. This dimension becomes more important if it is related to the specificity of research in the field of international relations, as issues raised at this level may appear to be taken for granted in other areas of knowledge, while they crystallize as problems when researching in the field of international relations.

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