Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 4 – Issue 16) / studies

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood (2011-2016): Shifts and Problems

October 2019

October 2019

Egyptian political researcher, Bachelor of Arts, Department of Arabic and Oriental Languages, Alexandria University, Oriental Studies, Institute of International Languages, Pattani University, Thailand


This study attempts to address the interaction of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt with the mobilization of the Egyptian revolution since January 2011 – calling for changing the Mubarak regime – until January 2016 – when the Muslim Brotherhood split was announced by the media. The study combines description and reporting in attempt to provide explanations and analyses based on facts, interviews, and views from sources calculated on the Brotherhood.

The study does not focus on details of the political events that have occurred since January 25, 2011, but rather focuses on the general line of events and attempts to understand the Brotherhood’s organizational behavior. The paper does not address evaluation of President Morsi’s one year in power or any of other political forces and currents. The study attempts to understand the Brotherhood behavior through sources from within the group.

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