Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 2 – Issue 7) / studies

Egyptian Jihadist Movements: Limits of the Role

July 2017

July 2017

Egyptian researcher and writer, BA in Mechanical Engineering, member of the Political Bureau of the Salafist Front.


This study addresses the Egyptian ‘Jihad Group’ through tracking the organizational development of the Egyptian jihadist stream starting from scattered jihadist groups to the ‘Jihad Group’ during the period from 1966 to 1988. The study, then, discusses in detail the Jihad Group, addressing its goals, its strategy for change, its organizational structure, its sources of financing, the field developments it has undergone, its most prominent operations, the internal problems it faced, and its relations with regional states and other groups, leading to the stumbling of its transformative project and the backgrounds of its integration with al-Qaeda as well as the reviews conducted in prisons and their effects. The study, which relied in the historical narration of events on books of the Jihad Group’s leaders and cadres, concludes with providing a general assessment of the group.

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