Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 3 – Issue 9) / studies

Egyptian Army: Composition and Deployment Maps

january 2018

january 2018

Researcher specializing in civil-military relations and security studies and director of the Monitoring and Documentation Unit at the Egyptian Institute for Studies


The army’s units and military formations within the borders of any country are usually deployed over all its strategic directions in order to protect the state from any potential threat. But, when there is a threat coming from one direction, such as hostility with a neighboring country, the Army, in this case, deploys its forces massively in that direction, in order to preserve the national security of the state.

Deployment of armies and military zones within the borders of the State is defined in the military doctrine under the axis of ‘environmental doctrine’, which is the second type of military doctrine at the operational level, while the proliferation of military formations within the borders of the State is in accordance with the organizational doctrine of the armies. Within these considerations, the study deals with field armies, military zones, special units in the Egyptian army, air bases and military airports, and Egyptian naval bases; and then addresses the military vision in deployment of the Egyptian army formations.

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