Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 3 – Issue 10) / studies

Egypt in International Indicators 2017: An Evaluation Reading

April 2018

April 2018


The significance of the report lies in the fact that it presents information on Egypt’s position on the most important international indices, and helps to understand the Egyptian reality and draw conclusions summarizing necessary reform actions to help researchers and decision makers in this regard. This report addresses the situation after the coup d’etat of 2013 in Egypt through its position on various international indices in 2017:

1- Global Competitiveness Index

2- Corruption Perception Index

3- Global Misery Index

4- Global Risk Index

5- Rule of Law Index

6- Human Rights Index

7- Freedom of Press Index

8- Transparency International Report on Defense and Security

9- Human Development Index

The first four reports are directly related to economic affairs, while the remaining reports are distributed to other areas, constituting an overall picture of the Egyptian state under the military rule. These reports reflect the decline in Egypt’s position in various areas and presents the reform measures required in these areas. The report presents each “indicator” by defining the indicator and the institution issuing it, then the methodology of the indicator’s work, the way it collects and compiles information, its criteria and questions that it measures. We have been keen to set these standards to be an input to understand the index and the basis for its evaluation, then a summary of general results and observations of the indicator globally and regionally, and the location of Egypt according to the indicators covered in each report.

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