Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 4 – Issue 13) / studies

Dismantling Theories of Eastern Despotism’: The Case of Egypt

january 2019

january 2019

Wesam Fouad is an Egyptian intellectual and thinker. He is specialized in political sociology and has many studies and writings on the structure of the Egyptian State and mechanisms of rebuilding it.


This study refutes theories suggesting that Egyptians accept tyranny and surrender to it, describing these theories as pure propaganda theories that do not stand up to the facts of history. In this respect, it reviews comments attributed to Greek Philosopher Aristotle; the great companion of Prophet Mohamed, Amr ibn Al-Aas; and theories that rely on historically unproven philosophical claims between Montesquieu in the “Spirit of Laws”, and even the great German philosopher George Hegel, as well as the socialist philosopher Karl Marx; and Karl Weitvogel in his book “Eastern tyranny”.

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