Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 1 – Issue 1) / studies

Democracy and Democratic Transformation: Theoretical and Rooting Dimensions

January 2016

الديمقراطية والتحول الديمقراطي: الابعاد النظرية والتأصيلية

Egyptian Researcher, Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science, 2016, MA in Political Science 2008, Cairo University


The study addresses the distinction between the concept of democracy and democratic transformation. In her endeavor to build a procedural definition of democracy, the researcher concludes that there are three dimensions in definition of the term, namely:

a- Competition between multiple parties over power, where positions change periodically so that one party does not monopolize power, allowing easy peaceful transfer of power, without resorting to the use of force.

b- Political participation through the right to vote guaranteed for adult citizens, enabling them to choose leaders and replace them with others through periodic and fair elections.

c- Civil and political freedoms are guaranteed to citizens, such as freedom of belief, freedom of assembly, freedom of expression, freedom to form parties and organizations and freedom to join them, in addition to freedom of access to information, and freedom of the press.

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