Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 5 – Issue 20) / studies

Corona Crisis: Prospects of Confrontation between the State and Civil Society

October 2020

October 2020

Wesam Fouad is an Egyptian intellectual and thinker. He is specialized in political sociology and has many studies and writings on the structure of the Egyptian State and mechanisms of rebuilding it.


A few months after the start of the Corona crisis, the body of civil society began to recover, and it seemed that the directions of its recovery were taking multiple paths, some related to protest, and others related to cooperative; and the issue moved from the search for traditional recovery to raising unanswered questions about the ability to get out of a context where the structure imposed by the crisis imposes constructive responses, which, in turn, represents a real obstacle to the ability of civil society to resist. What are the features of developments? What are the responses of civil society to them?

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