Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 4 – Issue 16) / studies

Conflict of Wills: Local and International Intersections in the Mobilization of Algeria

October 2019

October 2019

An Algerian researcher residing in Turkey, his work is interested in the field of geopolitics, theories of international relations, the politics of major powers and regionalism. Among his most prominent works is the book: “The Impact of the Emergency Shifts in the Structure of the International System on the Major Trends of Turkish Foreign Policy”, in 2017.


This paper attempts to draw a “comprehensive picture” that enables the reader to understand what has happened and is still happening in Algeria within a broader framework that links the active internal and external factors in this mobilization between the past and the present, that is, it will draw an idea of ​​the logic that drives the active forces within the Algerian political system, or what David Easton calls “the black box”, and the intersections of this logic with the logic that drives the competing major powers in the structure of the international system concerned with the status quo in Algeria and determines their interests in the country. The paper attempts to understand the societal causes behind the decades-old democrat deficit in Algeria and the reasons behind the Algerian people’s massive, peaceful mobilization that was surprising to neighbors and the whole world at large.

The paper attempts to explore the (structural and non-structural) factors that stand behind what is currently happening in Algeria and which factors are more important and central in determining the course of this mobilization and the future of the country.

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