Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 3 – Issue 9) / studies

Citizenship in a Muslim Country: Problems and Challenges

january 2018

المواطنة في دولة مسلمة: الإشكالات والتحديات


The study seeks to investigate the features of citizenship, extract its real dimensions and features, and root awareness of its significance based on the values ​​of Islam and its historical experience in light of the State that was founded by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), as it is considered the legal and historical model reference that Muslims and others should resort to in controlling the normative limits of the principle of citizenship and addressing the problems and challenges it faces by adopting Islamic mechanisms and recipes that are compatible with the spirit of the age. In light of this, it is possible to construct a hypothesis that: “The peculiarity of the approach has established a balanced structure for citizenship that absorbs the intersections of corresponding affiliations of the Muslim individual without compromising the priority of belonging to the Islamic identity associated with reference or ‘authority’ and achievement of its requirements.”

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