Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 6- Issue 23) / studies

‘China and the Middle East: Real Strategy or Tactical Competition’?

July 2021

Palestinian researcher, specializing in Asian studies

Palestinian academic and researcher, President of the Asia and the Middle East Forum, Turkey

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Through extrapolating the Chinese, Iranian and Arab positions, this paper attempts to explore the ongoing transformations in China’s relationship with the region, anticipate the coming Chinese role therein, and how the Arab countries will act in a future where the American influence in the Arab region may recede, while both the Chinese and Iranian influence may grow. In this regard, the paper attempts to answer the following questions:

  1. Is there a real positive shift in China’s foreign policy towards the region, and what are the manifestations of such shift?
  2. How will the developing Arab-Chinese relations affect the Arab countries relations with regional countries and major international powers?
  3. Was China’s signing of an agreement with Iran a real shift in their relations, and what are the manifestations of that likely shift?
  4. How will China deal with the contradictions prevailing in the region?
  5. Will the region turn into a conflict zone between China and the United States, and what is the Arab position in this case?

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