Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 1 – Issue 2) / studies

Building Alliances between Political Groups

April 2016

بناء التحالفات بين الجماعات السياسية

Dr.. Essam Abdel Shafi
Professor of International Relations, Turkish University of Sakarya, he worked as a visiting professor at universities: Alexandria, Damanhur, 6th of October, Beirut Arab, Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science, Cairo University (2009).


The study is based on analyzing the nature of likely interactions between political groups of different ideological origins, in general, as a reference for the emerging political parties. It reviews patterns of cooperation and conflict that have occurred in some countries, taking advantage of them and their partisan experiences.

The study seeks to answer the following questions:

– How did political groups in pluralistic societies manage their various interactions?

– To what extent did this management succeed?

– How can lessons derived from historical experiences in this framework be used in managing interactions between Egyptian political groups in the post-January 25 Revolution (2011)?

The study is divided into three topics, namely:

– First, international experiences in managing pluralism in transitional stages,

– Second, building alliances between political groups in Egypt after the January 2011 revolution,

– Third, a forward-looking vision: Alternatives and Scenarios

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