Egypt Institute Journal (Vol. 2 – Issue 8) / studies

A Guide to Leading the Community Struggle for Change

October 2017

October 2017

An Egyptian political researcher, preparing for a master’s degree in political science, Aydin University, Turkey


The study states that the task of changing and liberating societies has never been an easy task that can be easily accomplished but at the same time not impossible to achieve. Studies have attempted since the mid-20th. century to understand how change occurs within societies and what are the tools that can be used to successfully overthrow a dictatorial regime, end an apartheid regime, or even achieve special desires for separate groups at the local level. The study also raises the questions: What are the methods that can be used? What is the correct way to plan and achieve success of a campaign? Is violence the easiest way to carry out change and what how far is it successful? Are there other alternatives, and how do these alternatives work?

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